Sandakan Youth Alpha 1st Round Course Testimony – Part 1

Caroline Tai (Siau)
Youth Alpha Coordinator
St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sandakan
We give thanks and praise to our Lord Jesus for His guidance in leading us throughout our journey in the Youth Alpha program. The 1st round was held from 30th April – 9th July, 2011 and the Celebration Night on 20th August, 2011. I am glad to be able to contribute in my small way for His glory through this evangelism training program in our Parish.
We began the 1st round with small number of guests, 18 of us. The number was kept small to ensure that members would have more interaction and to experience active participation. Thus the 1st round was more to equip ourselves especially, the potential speakers to be competent in handling bigger crowd in future.
The team of speakers comprises four of us, Clare Tivit, Rodney Sining, Crispus Mosinoh and myself. I am thankful to have a committed and supportive team, each with their unique gifts, in their own way and situation contributing towards the success of the said program.
I am touched with all the testimonies shared by the guests. They shared with us the changes in them after hearing and discerning the Word of God throughout the training sessions. They are more accommodating to their siblings and friends, more respectful to their parents and above all to walk in the light of Christ in their daily living.
My joy doubled when I saw there was no barrier in age and language. We have guests as young as 13 years-old who blended well with the working adults. Even though the main language was English, the guests understood the presentations. They interacted in different languages during their discussion. It was simply marvelous, truly enjoyable and fruitful.
We held the Holy Spirit weekend away at our retreat centre in Ulu Dusun on 18th – 19th June, 2011. Guests were prayed over by the leaders, set free of their bondage and received the peace of Christ. Praise the Lord! Some of the guests had received the grace of God.
During the 11-week program, a bowling competition was held among members. Such gathering had brought the members closer to one another. It had strengthened our relationship. It had helped us to share the Word of God in a much more creative manner.
I had personally learned much in conducting the Youth Alpha program and God, through His mercy and love had allowed me to go through this beautiful phase of experience. I had never led in prayer nor praying over others in my life due to my lack of confidence coupled with my poor command of English. But Lord assured me to make it happen just like in Jeremiah 1 : 7, ‘Do not say, I am a youth for to all I send, you shall go and whatever I command you, you shall speak.’
God has always been merciful and compassionate to us. It was my desire to produce a Promotional Video on St. Mary’s Cathedral Youth Alpha. I did not know who to approach as I knew it will be quite costly and thus I kept that desire on hold.
As we were preparing for the Holy Spirit weekend away, a new guest joined us and volunteered to take charge of documentation. It was just before we returned to Sandakan, that this guest approached me and showed me the video recording and and the photographs. I was amazed and his recordings were made as our official Youth Alpha Promotional Video. Praise the Lord!
The 2nd round of the Youth Alpha program for the Cathedral will begin from 2nd October – 27th November, 2011. I pray and I sincerely urge all young people to participate in this program. Come to know Jesus in a simple context, and explore the meaning of life.
Raynald Vun
Youth Alpha has been like a fun sharing-gathering for me.It is an enriching program where we get to share our experiences with one another. All the people here have been nice to me and my cousin Jesper. So I hope the Youth Alpha can come again with the fun-filled activities, everyone will be happy. God Bless Youth Alpha!! Thank You.
Jesper Vun
Well, the 10-week Youth Alpha session was very fun, I get to meet my friends, discuss with them share with them. I also learned a lot of things during these sessions. I felt sad because the session ended so fast. I hope that second round of the Youth Alpha course will start soon. I am looking forward to be part of the program.
Daisy Wong
Give thanks and Praise The Lord for the wonderful gift HE has given each one of us…..the opportunity to learn from each other through this group….YOUTH ALPHA.
The laughter, the friendly faces, the warm greetings, the sharing of words, the exchange of thoughts, the joy of listening to the words of The PRECIOUS ONE…………this memorable moment should be shared with everyone..
I recall to the statement from the coordinator to me before i join the Youth Alpha Leader training last March…she said, “Just joinlah…”
Well…this is my version….”Come and exprience yourself….”God has HIS plan for you and me..for HE knows the BEST for us…till then…hope to meet you soon in God’s will….
God bless.

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