The Joint Organizing Committee with Agnes Chairperson of CNG  and Dr Azizi (seated 3rd and 4th  from left)

Sandakan : Bravo to St. Mary’s parishioners for they have contributed 41 pints of blood within 2 ½ hours Blood Donation Campaign in support of our Duchess of Kent Hospital (DOK) Blood Bank at the Parish Hall Sunday, 4th September 2011. The campaign was jointly organized by the Catholic Nurses Guild (CNG) and the DOK Hospital. The Blood Donation drive in this Parish has always been a yearly program for the CNG. 

Dr. Azizi Shaukani, the doctor in charge of the day’s campaign explained that the Hospital is in dire need for a consistent and uninterrupted blood supply, it must always be replenished the soonest possible when the blood stock runs low. The Hospital uses 40 – 50 pints of blood daily, and mostly the blood goes to the accident / trauma and the maternity departments.
The PPC Chairman Patrick Seah was also present to give his support and was seen going around from bed to bed giving words of encouragement to the donors. Sylvester Ho, the Parish Office in-charge was also in hand to assist the campaign by setting up a conducive and convenient blood donation environment both to the DOK staff and the donors.
It was heartening to see individuals and members from the PPC and various ministries of this Parish shedding their blood to save lives. Dominic Sintar, a KKD Indah Jaya member when asked why he donated his blood, he simply replied “For me, this is an obligation for me to help others”. While for Christopher Luy, a regular blood donor for our Parish commended the CNG for their effort and will always be there when they needed his blood.
The blood donation ended at exactly 12.30 pm. Leonnie Degulacion from the PPC and Agnes Gaduka Chairlady of CNG, on behalf of the Church, extended their thanks to the DOK Hospital for their time in jointly organizing the program. In return, Dr. Azizi conveyed his appreciation to the donors and the Church for a noble cause and a well organized blood donation campaign. The program ended with a group photo taking.

Such act of charity is in accordance with Matthew 25 : 40, ‘Whenever you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.’

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