Walk for Jesus – Love Malaysia

Datuk Peter Pang front row 5th from left flanked by Pastors and Elders of Sandakan Inter Church
Sandakan : ‘Walk for Jesus – Love Malaysia’  held simultaneously  in 14 towns on Sunday 28th August 2011 at 4.00 pm is a bi-annual activity organized by the Sabah Council of Churches. It is aimed at promoting ecumenical commitment among the various Churches as well as to pray for the blessing for Sandakan, the nature city, the State and the Country.

The event, blessed with fine weather drew a crowd of near 2,000 people representing the 14-member Churches of the Sandakan Inter Church at the Municipal Town Padang. Some 400 Catholic members from  St Mary’s Cathedral, led by Patrick Seah, Chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council participated in the walk.

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Datuk Peter Pang graced the occasion. He urged everyone to chip in to support the government in its effort to curb and stem out acts of immorality and the influence of social ills prevailing among the young people. He called for the commitment to pray for peace, prosperity and unity for the nation and for that to happen, we need conversion of hearts.

The walk is also in support of the noble work carried out by the Prison Fellowship Malaysia (Sabah), a non profit organization focus in restoring the dignity of prison inmates and the gradual and eventual acceptance into the community through God’s message of love.

Flagged off at exactly 4.00 pm by YB Datuk Pang, the participants walked along 1st Avenue turning into Pyrer Road, along the Coastal Road, passed Tun Razak Park and ended at St Mary’s Cathedral. A prayer,  Praise and Worship session was held at the Cathedral Parish Hall marking the conclusion of the event.


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