Pilgrimage Tour to South Western India

Group photo taken in front of the Archaeological Museum in Goa.
A group of 15 parishioners from St Mary’s Cathedral, Sandakan led by Henry Solibun together with 9 other brothers and sisters from West Malaysia are in South Western India performing a pilgrimage tour. The tour covers three historical and important cities where Christianity was introduced in the 16th century to Asia. The tour covers Bangalore, Goa and Kochi.
Ruins of a Church
The Church where the remains of St Francis Xavier is kept

It is in Goa where some ruins of churches were found. The group toured the church where the remains of St. Francis Xavier, who help spread Christianity missionary activity in India is kept and also to other churches as well.The group will join a retreat to be held from 28 Aug. till 2 Sept at the Divine Retreat Centre, Potta, Kerala State in South India.

Raymond Wong


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