New Parish Pastoral Council Holy Trinity Church

Pledge by the new PPC line-up
Tawau : 15 new Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) members of Holy Trinity Parish were commissioned during the sunset mass on 27 August 2011 by the rector Msgr. Nicholas Ong.
Selected from the list of nominated parishioners who had attended a catechesis and briefing session, the new parish pastoral council members for the term 2011 to 2013 are Agnes Lee, Danny Carreon, Djermias Hermanus, Esther Albert, Felsa May Bontilao, Francis Clement, Francis Kamuntah, Gabriel Nunang, Jerome Lim, Jocelyn Angar, Mario Domingo, Mary Lee Esporton, Ricardo Dragon, Stuart Lai and Thadeus Sibir.
Msgr Nicholas Ong blesses the new PPC line-up
In his homily, Msgr. Nicholas Ong said to them :” Jesus told us in this week’s Gospel reading that to follow him entails not only sacrifice but also suffering, and we can do it only with the help of the Holy Spirit.”
In their response, the new councillors pledged to be faithful to their prayers and sacrament, journey together in discerning the needs of the parish and lead the parishioners toward the diocesan vision.
Call to remain faithful in their service
With almost half of the PPC members comprising of new faces, the new PPC will be playing a crucial role in working together with the parish pastoral communities, clergy and religious in the formulation of the vision and mission statements of the new diocese. They will be entrusted with the task of gathering feedback from the grass root levels of the parish as to the kind of diocese the parishioners aspire to have and bring these views up in the next parish delegates assembly.
The new council will be having its first meeting on 13 September 2011 during which the office bearers will be elected.
Holy Trinity Church Tawau

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