Friendship Encounter – Gathering of Youth

Group photo after the sharing session

Tawau : Every once in a month the youth leaders from the Parish Youth Apostolate known as PYA in Tawau will have a gathering for “Friendship Encounter”. This encounter, conducted by the Diocesan Youth Apostolate (DYA) and co-ordinated by Anna Peter Amandus meets every month with all the youth leaders and potential leaders with various youth backgrounds who are currently actively involved in church activities.
‘May our Dreams be fulfilled’

We had our first meeting  on 24th June 2011 with the theme “Let’s Hang Out”. Aimed at introducing the event, the simple gathering and fellowship with singing, games and sharing  was well received by everyone. The DYA believes that this program will provide the right venue for the members to strengthen their relationship with each other. At the same time, it is hoped that through such activity as the “Friendship Encounter”, new youth leaders will emerge and get recognized.
Deep in concentration – ‘I have a dream’

The 2nd gathering was on 23rd July 2011 with the theme “I Have A Dream”. The objective was again to instill unto them a strong sense of bonding among members and to encourage the young people especially the potential leaders to voice out their dreams. 
Ready for an interactive game – awaiting instruction

It was full of fun and good sharing as everyone expressed their beautiful stories and dreams. Everyone got to know each other more closely as they shared and voiced out the dreams they wished to fulfill.

A game in progress – ‘King, King, what do you want?’

Anna Peter expressed her joy in serving other friends through this program and shared her dream in walking together with others  in faith and continuing to serve the Lord through her calling as a youth leader.

The next gathering for the encounter will be on 21st  August 2011 with a new theme “I am Special”. 

Felsa May
Tawau Parish Youth Apostolate


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