Sandakan : In conjunction with the feast day of St Mary, Mother of Jesus, St. Mary’s Cathedral Sandakan celebrated their Parish Day on Sunday 14th. Aug. 2011, 7.00pm at the Parish Hall. The organizing committee has adopted the theme “Mary Our Mother” to commemorate this special occasion.  About 300 parishioners attended the celebration with His Lordship Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom as guest of honour.
The chairman of Parish Pastoral Council, Patrich Seah in his welcoming address congratulated all the parishioners for their active support and participation for this day. He then took the opportunity to introduce the new PPC line-up (2011-2013) to the parishioners.
In his message the parish priest, Rev. Fr. Thomas Makajil said that the celebration is an opportune occasion for the parishioners to come together in unity to rejoice and enjoy, and to thank the Lord for the opportunity granted to serve Him.  He quoted 1 Cor 12:12 and elaborated “the Church is a body with many parts, each having different functions…all of us are parts of the Body of Christ with duties and responsibilities to share in the mission of Christ.” He also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the parishioners for their generous support in making the just concluded parish bazaar a success, having achieved its target of RM100,000. Touching on the feast day of Mother Mary, he called upon the parishioners to journey together with one another to build the Kingdom of God by sacred devotion to Mary.
A cake cutting ceremony by Bishop Julius, parish priests, religious sisters, PPC and PFC members marked this special occasion, followed by pot luck dinner featuring local and exotic dishes from the parishioners very own family kitchens.
While enjoying the food, the parishioners were entertained with stage performances by the various youth groups and communities of the parish. The celebration concluded with an acknowledgement of thanks to Jacob Chin, the event organizer and his committee for a successful Parish Day Celebration. 
His Lordship, Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom graced the Closing Ceremony with the recitation  of  Hail Mary. The feast ended at exactly 8.45pm.

Presentations by the various Church groups and communities
Dallius Lobinjang, 
SOCCOM Sandakan

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