Catechesis for Parish Pastoral Council Potential Candidates

Msgr Nicholas Ong briefing the potential candidates
TAWAU: Having had the PPC nomination process completed, the Holy Trinity Church, Tawau held a general Catechesis for the potential PPC candidates for the term 2011-2013, Wednesday August 3rd . In his welcoming address, Thadeus Sibir, the Chairman for the PPC selection Ad-hoc committee announced that out of the 200 nomination forms returned, there were 41 names being proposed. Thadeus was pleased that the attendance for this session was very encouraging. He added that the selection of PPC will be done by the committee in consultation with the rector. The final list of the selected candidates will be personally called by the Rector.
Thadeus Sibir
Mario Domingo, PPC Chairman for the term 2009-2011

Fr. David Garaman

The session began with Opening Song followed by Gospel reading by Fr. David Garaman, the assistant rector. A short reflection on the reading taken from Matthew 15: 21-28 was shared by Sr. Liza fsic. Fr. David gave an overview on the role of the laity (CCC 897) and the function of the Parish Pastoral Council (Code of Canon Law 536). He mentioned some facts on the role of the laity as follows;

i. There is ‘equality’ amongst the baptized.

ii. We are called to a perfection of our Christian life, as we are sharers in Christ’s own life, here and now.  Mat. 5:48; ‘Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect’.

iii. Through the Sacrament, we have a share in the prophetic life of Christ.

iv. We have a ‘secular quality’ apart from the ordained ministry, which helps to transform the world we live in.

v. Our apostolate (Christian work) flows from a vocation from God.

vi. As members of the baptized, we enjoy certain rights and bear certain responsibilities.
vii. The lay faithful participate in the life of the Church not only exercising their tasks and charisma, but in many others ways.
The second part of the talk was on ‘What is PPC’ and its function. Fr. David stressed that the PPC possesses a consultative vote, and is governed by norms determined by the local Bishop. As the late Pope Paul VI puts it, ‘Examine and consider all that relates to pastoral work and to offer practical conclusions on these matter, so that the life and activity of the people of God be brought into greater conformity with the Gospel’. Fr. David added that the PPC needs to spend time together in prayer and retreat experience from the growth of Christ’s community of faith and love. Significant time for prayers should be a scheduled part of each meeting. Formation opportunities should be provided. We need more people to get involve actively in the life of the parish for ‘The harvest is rich but the laborers are few’. Being in the PPC is an opportunity to serve and exercise our baptismal vocation.
At the end of the session, the Rector Msgr. Nicholas Ong expressed his appreciation to the candidates who responded to this call. Many have turned up and it goes to show that they are willing to serve and to share. He noted that over the years the faithful have grown spiritually through their involvement in the various Ministries. Giving examples like in the Basic Ecclesial Community , Charismatic renewal and the Neocatechumenal way and in the many other groups and apostolate. The previous PPC have played their part in the service and in pasturing the flocks for the glory and Kingdom of God.
Msgr. Nicholas Ong
The session ended with Closing Prayer and song.

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