Sandakan: The St. Mary’s Cathedral Parish Pastoral Council convened their very first meeting on 2nd August 2011. The members of the new PPC are to be installed on 14th August for a two-year term until August 2013. A Pastoral Council is a partnership of clergy and laity consulting and working together to enable the parish community fulfill its mission.

Rev. Fr. Thomas Makajil, the Rector of St. Mary’s Cathedral, presided the first PPC meeting with an opening prayer. In his welcoming address to the 2011-2013 line-up, Fr. Thomas encouraged them to use their many talents and gifts and channel them through the mystical body in serving, building and renewing the parish. The members are from multiple back grounds with years of service in various different ministries.
In the past, the responsibility on pastoral affair was solely dependent on the clergy and the religious but now in accordance with the decree of Vatican Council II, the PPC will assist in the pastoral mission of the Church in the Parish. In a lighter mood, he said the PPC, the clergy and religious will need to have this “Smart Partnership”, consultative working concept and not by ways of the corporate world for the efficient running of the parish. 
After the welcoming address, the members of the PPC selected the office bearers through secret ballots. The newly elected Chairman, Patrick Seah, in his humble opening address thanked everyone for their support and confidence in him and pledged that the PPC will do their very best in fulfilling their duties.

Parish Pastoral Councils 2011 – 2013

01. Rev. Fr. Thomas Makajil (Rector)

02. Rev. Fr. Philip Muji (Assistant Rector)

03. Sr. M. Appollonia Gumpu, fsic (Ex-Officio)

04. Sr. M. Liliana Gubod, fsic (Ex-Officio)

05. Patrick Seah (Chairman)

06. Phillip Mosinoh (Vice Chairman)

07. Dalius Lucius Lobinjang (Secretary)

08. Cecilia D’Souza (Assistant Secretary)

09. Pilis Malim @ Felix (Treasurer)

10. Leonnie Degullacion

11. Michael Lai

12. Peter Lo Su Fook

14. Timothy Pius Gorohom

15. Anna Teresa Peter Amandus

16. Claire Michael Tivit

Sandakan Parish Soccom

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