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Msgr Nicholas releasing the balloons assisted by Nicholas Chia on his right and Thaddeus on his left

Tawau : Holy Trinity Church celebrated her feast day on Sunday 19 June 2011, the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity with an Eucharistic mass celebrated by the rector Msgr. Nicholas Ong starting at 8am. In his homily, the rector stressed, ” The readings today tell us that the mystery of the Trinity is the mystery of God’s love and unity. That is why our church has to be a communion of communities of love and unity and a sign and sacrament of salvation for the world!”
Fr David Garaman, the assistant rector promoting the carnival

Aftet the mass, he declared opened the food fair in front of the parish hall’s parking lot by letting loose a bunch of balloons. 

A parish day celebration committee under the chairmanship of Nicholas Chia was set up a few months before to discern as to how this year’s parish feast day should be celebrated. It was felt that the celebration should be one that could be participated by every parishioner. Thus evolved the idea of a food fair, and to be in line with the diocesan’s pastoral thrust toward a BEC’s centered community of love and unity, the committee decided that the fair would depend almost solely on the involvement of all the parish BEC groups.

The scenario during the carnival

Attendance that morning was very encouraging, thanks in part due to the good weather, with many parishioners, young and old, sampling the various delicacies prepared by the various ethic communities of the parish. The children were of course attracted by the games stalls offering attractive prizes. Almost all who came felt it was great for all the different communities to celebrate together in such environment. 

Apart from providing the venue for all of us in celebrating our feast day, the fair also generated some badly needed cash for the up coming new parish building. Expected to be completed sometime next year, the building would provide enough rooms for our Sunday school, music ministry as well as providing space for our youth center. 

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