The symbolic lighting of  candle by Dr Chairnarong Monthienvichienchai, Chancellor of St John’s University Bangkok, marks the beginning of the Conference

Bangkok : The Global Conference, themed ‘In Defense of the Family: Family, Children and Culture’ organised by SERFAC ( Service and Research Institute on Family and Children – Chennai, India ) drew some 105 participants from across 30 countries, including  representatives from the Vatican and the United Nations. The 5-day event from 16th – 20th June 2011 was held at Holiday Inn, Bangkok, Thailand.

SERFAC is an International Non – Government Organization which is committed to the well being of Families and Children which has special Consultative status with Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.

Malaysian delegates with SERFAC director Dr Catherine Bernard SSC  and Fr Dr Theodore Mascarenhas from the Vatican (front row: 5th and 6th from right respectively)
The global event opened to all, saw some 50 Catholic delegates taking part. Out of which, 13 were from Malaysia representing the Melaka-Johor Diocese, Kuching Archdiocese, KL Archdiocese including Bishop Emeritus Anthony Soter Fernandez and Fr. Edward as well as four delegates from the Sandakan Diocese, all from Holy Trinity Parish, Tawau, Sabah.
L-R : John, Jocelyn, Mario and Julita
The delegates from HTC Tawau, Mario Domingo, Chairman of the Family Life Ministry and wife Julita Kantod, John Duasing and wife Jocelyn Runik Angar found the conference very informative, enriching and beneficial. They hoped to share the knowledge acquired with members of the ministry and the parishioners at large.
Julita proclaiming the Word
Catholic delegates after the Inaugural Mass
On the first day of the Conference, all Catholic delegates attended the Inauguration Mass presided over by the Bishop of Chantoburi at the Assumption Cathedral, Bangkok.
Panel of speakers 

The Conference papers presented by world renowned experts focused on the consequences of social deviations, aberations, manipulations etc and how they disturbed the personality of the child / children resulting in anti social behavior, mental break down, deficient coping ability etc.
The Conference also offered innovative solutions that would help restore balance in social settings, political and religious circles and above all families.
Conference proper held in the Crystal  Ballroom
On each day of the Conference proper, various inputs on family issues were presented followed by group discussions.

  • Children, Violence and Resilience
  • Youth ‘Our views on Violence, Society. Family and Children
  • Cultural Transition and Family
  • Sustainable Lifestyle and Social Responsibility
  • Gender Equality and Conflict-free Family
  • The Role of Social Networking. Its impact on Family, Young People and Children
  • Family Prosperity and Community Service
  • Adult Parenting and Spirituality
  • Parenting for Peace in Multi-Cultural World 
  • Role of Religion in Family and Culture (Christianity, Islamic, Hinduism and Buddhism)
One for the album – the 105 participants to the Conference

On 19th June, all Catholic delegates attended the Thanksgiving Mass, presided over by Bishop Lawrence Pius from India. The following day,20th June was the parallel seminar where delegates were free to choose to attend any of the talks conducted simultaneously. Mario attended ‘Networking Impact’ whereas John, Jocelyn and Julita attended the ‘Billing Ovulation Method.

julita, soccom of htc


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