>HTC Celebrates the 32nd Priestly Ordination Anniversary Of Msgr Nicholas Ong


Happy 32nd Anniversary of your priestly ordination dear Msgr Nicholas
Tawau : Around 200 parishioners gathered at Holy Trinity Church parish hall on the evening of 3rd October 2010 to celebrate the 32nd priestly ordination anniversary of their rector, Msgr. Nicholas Ong.
In his speech, Msgr. Ong thanked the parishioners for celebrating with him his ordination anniversary.
He welcomed the presence of a former rector Fr. Aloysius Tung as well as that of  Sr. Magdalene FSIC for joining in the celebration.

Msgr Nicholas and Fr Aloysius Tung
He said, “We at Holy Trinity are indeed thankful to Fr Tung because both the present church building and the parish hall were built during his time with HTC.”
Touching on the present parish development, Msgr. Ong was happy to share with those present that HTC is moving along very well with the BEC activities. 
“So far over 120 BECs meeting had been conducted in homes of the parishioners.” He said. “But we should continue to organize more BEC sessions in our homes as this has been identified by our Bishop as the way of being church”.
In addition to the BECs, he also informed the audience that the parish is forming the second Neo-Catechumenal Way group soon.
Further in bringing the parishioners up to date on the recent development, Msgr. Ong told them that Bishop Julius Gitom had urged him to proceed with the long planned parish building which when completed, will provide sufficient classrooms for the Sunday school, in addition to a Youth center and audio-visual rooms.
It must have been a relief when he told those present that there is sufficient fund for the project which is estimated at over RM 2 million.
Before concluding he thanked God for giving him 32 years of fruitful ministry and asked the parishioners to continue praying for him.
After his address, Msgr. Ong, joined by Fr. Tung, the religious and pastoral parish councilors cut his anniversary cake followed by a fellowship dinner provided by the various parish groups and some kind parishioners.
The celebration ended with a closing prayer by the rector at 8.30 pm.

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