A briefing session

Tawau : Holy Trinity Church parishioners, mostly from the youth, joined around 400 other Christian denomination members in an Interchurch Fellowship Family Day at the Tawau Sport Complex on 19th September 2010.
Young people giving their support

Members from the other churches included those from St. Patrick Anglican Church, Basel, SIB, Calvary, Methodist and Gereja Persekutuan.

A prayer session

The program started with  prayers led by a member of each Christian Church followed by a telematch participated by people of all ages.

Getting ready for the telematch

Participating in the telematch

It was felt that the event succeeded in bringing out a common understanding of love, tolerance, acceptance and humility among all the Christian Churches in Tawau. Such activity promotes ecumenical spirit and inter church relationship. It develops integration for Christian unity especially among young members creating in them a sense of community and mutual respect.

The program ended at 6pm with presentation of tokens to the ’telematch’ winners.

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